OCR Software and Solution for Business Card Recognition

Typical System & Application – Mobile Card Recognition System

A mobile recognition system provides users the ability to process business card images from a mobile camera. This system recognized and extracted fields, such as first name, last name, job title, company, department, telephone, fax, cell phone, email, website, address, city , state zip code and country, for importing information to a mobile address book saving manual entry time.

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OCR Functions & Problems

OCR technology is an important part of any card recognition system, which is mainly used to recognize characters in images and reduce entry time. Below is a summary of the most common problems we encountered when developing the mobile recognition solution:

  • It was difficult to control image acquisition physical environment, such as light, camera performance and shooting angle. It was difficult to maintain consistent image quality affecting recognition results.
  • Although the content on the cards was relatively uniform, the different formats and background colors increased identification and extraction difficulty.
  • Because the card recognition system was run in a mobile environment, the client required high software speed. OCR, as one of the most important functional modules of this card recognition system, had to provide recognition results at a much faster rate.

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Our Solution

Based on all of the above problems, we customized our RTK based on the clients real world samples, and fully met our client’s needs.

  • With specific aim of working with images obtained from camera, we developed a pre-processing module (threshold) to improve the accuracy rate.
  • Gearing the engine to understand the card’s content features, we classified by card data and developed a post-processing module to improve extracting efficiency.
  • To improve recognition speed, we simplified the recognition algorithms to save processing time.

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