OCR Software and Solution for Insurance Claim Processing

The client is a data services company, which mainly provides property and loss claims data processing solutions for four types of customers: insurance companies, claims specialists, repair facilities, and parts suppliers. The client needs to utilize a single data processing solution, so that users can easily manage and retrieve claim data, perform statistical analysis and generate reports, to achieve the following services:

  • Provide insurance companies data to analyze vehicles loss and judge insurance claim
  • Provide parts suppliers data to confirm parts inventory
  • Provide data to repair facilities to meet price evaluation of vehicle owner and insurance company
  • Provide data to claim specialists to execute accurate evaluation

Therefore, the client needs to convert the data (such as owner, time, location, vehicle information, damaged parts, repair facility, repair information and quote) on paper claim forms to specified electronic format then import into claim form management system. To save BPO entry cost and time, customers are looking for a professional software provider who provides a set of comprehensive software solutions.

OCR Functions & Problems

OCR technology can fully recognize the data  on claims  to reduce manual entry time. Through analysis and tests of samples, below is the  common problems we encountered  during the recognition process:

  • Although data contents on forms of loss reports are relatively fixed, the formats varied, and the number of pages is not fixed, such issues are not favorable for information extraction.
  • Data to be extracted is linkable. Some data is generated by compositive calculation using other data, and can intelligently correct data after analysis and judgment.
  • Requires high data recognition accuracy rate, reaching 99%. But considering the effects of image quality, OCR accuracy is difficult to ensure, so requires manual proofing.

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Our Solution

To solve all of the above problems, we offered an integrated BPO + OCR + IT solution to meet the client’s needs. The key of solution implementation was keeping close integration of BPO entry operators and software engineers to facilitate software development, modification and improvement. This gave prominence to our advantage. We have both a BPO  team and software development team to provide clients with one-stop services. After our client was satisfied with our solution, we started the BPO project and meanwhile developing software during  implementation.

The customized form processing system includes the following services:

  • Image Pre-Process: Image quality affected recognition results, so the solution needed to pre-process the images, (such as threshold, image expand, etc) to improve recognition accuracy rate;
  • Form Classfication Process: Classification of different claim formats to set templates for extracting useful information;
  • Customize Data Exaction Module. Direct OCR of good quality images, extract needed data and import to data files as specified format;
  • Customize Data Proofing Module: Systematic data proofing module will provide recognition results to BPO operators and save proofed results into data files;
  • BPO Service. Provide clients with data entry, proof services.

BPO + OCR + IT Solution workflow is as below:

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