OCR Software for Survey Form Recognition & Processing

OCR, ICR & OMR Three in one Solution for Survey Form Recognition and Processing

1) Auto start
Auto start function allows users to easily pre-define a set of objective files, including the input & the output formats, the source folder & destination folder and the desired OCR parameters for auto processing by batch.

2) Load pages
Get one page or a batch of survey-form images in TIFF or other specific formats from any of the appointed folders. Each page of the survey-form can be displayed separately for convenient reviewing.

3) Template
Template function is for the purpose of extracting data from pre-defined locations on the Survey-form images. Template function includes two types: pre-defined template and user-defined template.
The predefined-template module are multi-templates pre-designed by our engineer in accordance with the 15 types of Survey forms. When processing such 15 survey-forms, the system would be automatically matching the corresponding forms to extract the information.
The user-defined template module allows the user to utilize the Form Designer to draw the new template or fine-tune the predefined template according to the Survey form’s layout and other information to extract user wanted data.

4) Three in one (OCR, ICR & OMR) Recognition Engine
ExperVision provide a Three in one (OCR, ICR & OMR) Recognition Engine to Survey Form Processing. When the user clicks the Recognize button, the software will automatically recognize the current images and extract all data in the respective fields, and then the results will input and display on the left fields.

5) Export
After processing and proofing all images in one batch, user can export the final OCR results into a group of XML files or other formats that can be converted or imported to Client’s survey software database.

6) Verify
Verify module is the final step to allow OCR results to reach 100% accuracy with human verification and proofing. The proofing tool can highlight the field when that field needs proofing for human verification to help user quickly check the value.

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Clients Benefits

Client will benefit from our OCR, ICR & OMR Three in one Solution for Survey Form Recognition and Processing in the following aspects:

1) High Quality Data
ExperVision has developed completed methodologies, processes and tools to realize the high OCR quality. Our strategy accordingly focuses our OCR R&D efforts on every customer’s particular needs for their unique business strategy, instead of improving OCR technology for the Horizontal market. ExperVision cares about each particular customer and focuses our R&D efforts on the OCR applications which create real business value for this customer. In the contrary, our competitors diversify their efforts horizontally for “ready off-the-shelf product(s)”, which cannot create significant value for a particular customer.

2) Continuous Improvement
As business develops, Client will process more and more sponsor documents. When Client runs into new OCR requirements or issues, ExperVision will provide technical support services to Client. As long as both parties communicate the requirements fully and timely, we can continuously improve the OCR performance and quickly solve the actual issues.

Free OCR Software Trial | Quote & Proposal | Free OCR Consulting Service