OCR Software and Solution for Insurance Industry


1. Forms Processing System for HIC/Australia

The Client is an Australian professional data entry and processing company that helps their customers convert paper documents to ASCII documents in various formats, and make use of the data information in enterprise applications and process automation to resolve various business problems.

The Client contracted the health insurance claim forms processing projects from the Health Insurance Committee (HIC). These claim forms, which are used by all Australian hospitals, clinics, medicine labs, pharmacies and other treatment and convalescence departments to declare to the HIC all services provided to patients. HIC required the client to convert all types of claim forms to electronic forms daily, and input the data in a standard format for the HIC declaration analysis database. The HIC operators cannot pay the health insurance until analyzing and verifying the declared data compatibility and removing the possibly inaccurate data, which assures the payment is on time and avoids the loss of possible scams.

After setting up some simple software, the client mainly depended on manual input to achieve the HIC data processing. However, the HIC’s data service workload was large, required high precision, and had a short time frame. The Client felt they could hardly meet these requirements within a reasonable budget. Therefore they began searching for a Forms Processing System (FPS) to process the HIC claim forms using OCR to achieve most of the data processing automation, enhancing the processing speed, assuring the accuracy and timeline and saving the data processing costs.

ExperVision® owns a global leading OCR technology and has developed FPSs for many clients and cooperated with some data service companies to directly contract the data service business. The Client found ExperVision® through research and consigned it to develop the FPS for HIC claim forms.

2. DIM for Insurance Agent


An insurance agent must in its daily business process large volume of paper documents, application files, and other related files received from third parties like Intellisys, iPipeline, etc. The insurance agent needs a document-imaging platform to manage these paper documents and files in formats compatible with related third parties. ExperVision’s web-based Document Imaging Management (DIM) system provides the solution below:

  • High-speed scanning to convert insurance documents into electronic forms.
  • Barcode processing and document recognition to categorize the documents in cases.
  • Document database to allow information sharing among the entire enterprise.
  • Imaging operation functions for the staff to search, view, make annotations, print and save in various formats and groups.
  • Document archiving and packaging for electronic delivery among related parties.

The DIM system supports insurance processing for sales, case processing, collection management, post processing and other collaborative operations in an insurance company. The DIM system consists of the following modules:

  • Scanning Station: The operator picks the arriving paper documents, scan them into digital image file and store them into the database in the system. Arriving documents in electronic formats will be imported to the system directly. A cover sheet with barcode is generated to help the system classify the documents automatically.
  • Imaging Monitor: Imaging Monitor is a software module, which decodes the barcode.iix format, categorizes the grouped documents and stores them in PDF format with the name provided in barcode.
  • Label Station: The assistants and other users can view a summary of documents for the same case, and key in the document index for other users to search in later use.
  • Web Interface: Users can log onto the insurance system through the Internet,  search and retrieve a specified document, view and print it, add annotations and download it to a local machine. Access through the internet is controlled by access control list mechanism and SSL technology.
  • Export: A case manager or other users can retrieve documents, package them in entirety or partially by pre-determined sequence/doc types and have them ready for print, FTP or email to, or download by Intellisys or carrier.
  • Document Access Control: Document access permission is set via this module. Other users of the system can log on the system and view/edit/delete the document according to their access rights.

Based on these modular functions, the system provides an advanced collaboration environment for sales agent, underwriter, data entry operators, post processor, and even third parties like Intellisys. All work is done in a way much more efficient than before.


  • Improve insurance document flow both inside the insurance agent and among the parties;
  • Support all the core functions in an insurance sales process, improve insurance sales efficiency, increase processing reliability, and reduce operational costs.

3. Check Processing

It is a common and daily operational task to accept and process checks as a form of payment in any company, especially in retail, utility, online and offline merchant industries, etc., which we call merchants collectively. Typical check processing consists of many tedious, costly and error prone steps. These include converting paper-based checks into electronic transactions, processing transactions through the ACH network or Check 21 image exchange network, automating returned check re-presentment, generating real-time reports and supporting proactive risk management. ExperVision® has been helping various merchants meet their challenges in check processing through our innovative solution. ExperVision® ‘s check processing system helps a company complete the process from check image capture, recognition, storing, proofing, passing to various payment gateways for transaction, to archiving for analysis and other purposes. Following is a description of how the check processing system works with the Payment Processor, ACH Network and Check 21 Image Exchange Network all together to help the merchant collect payments.

4. Invoice & Shipping Receipt Processing

A company receives large amount of invoices from various third parties including vendors, service providers, contract engineering providers, etc. These invoices need timely processing and many departments are involved in the verification and approval process. Statistics show that 96% of the invoices are on paper and have to be processed manually, which makes the cost as high as $10.15 per invoice. With manual processing, mistakes such as incorrect calculation, duplicate payments, inability to transfer to correct department and even the loss of some invoices can occur. ExperVision® ‘s invoice and receipt processing system completes the process from invoice scanning, recognition, storing, passing to various departments for verification and approval, to archiving for analysis and other purposes. The invoice recognition module employs ExperVision® ‘s world champion OCR to process data such as vendor information, product items and prices, account number, amount, date, etc.

5. Resume Processing

Although electronic resumes have been more and more popular since the late 90s, massive paper materials, e.g. fax, letters and post, are still used and mixed with electronic ones in both job application and human resource (HR) management. To guarantee not missing any qualified candidate, it takes a significant amount of time and effort to include the information on paper in the human resource software system. ExperVision® ‘s Resume Processing Solution (RPS) is a suite of intelligent and enterprise level resume capturing & processing tools, which can automatically process resumes from any e-mail & attachment, job board, corporate web site, fax and paper, enabling the HR department to efficiently attract and hire qualified job applicants. The Resume Recognition module in the system employs ExperVision® ‘s world champion OCR to process data such as contact, location, skills summary, education history, work experience, etc.

6. Paper Based Workflow Management

In many industries, the company sends their staff outside of the office to provide complicated services, including on-site measurement, customized design, material preparation, on-site installation, maintenance and/or other activities. The traditional way to manage out-of-office activities is to use paper work-orders and worksheets, which leads to many problems such as difficult to track the workflow information, misreading information on paper, and unable to quickly search and index wanted information on worksheets. These problems generally degrade workflow efficiency, waste resources and destroy customer satisfaction. ExperVision® ‘s paper based workflow management system provides whole workflow management by including the traditional paper work-order and worksheet in the control loop, while allowing the staff to work exactly the way they were working before.

7. Invoice Process Software for Insurance corp. and Law Firm

Every year the insurance industry uses a lot of legal services, but insurance companies and law firms often have differences on the service bills. One of our customers is a legal billing data service company, which helps the insurance company or law firm process the bills with differences, analyze the billing items based on the service contract of two sides and mark the items in question. ExperVision® upgrades its core business systems for the client. The new system includes a complete invoice processing, format conversion, long-distance data transmission and bill problems with the analysis of the report function, and allows clients to access the web through the report and understanding of each case progress.