OCR SDK for Mobile and Embedded System

OpenRTK® is OS-independent OCR Toolkit so that it can be migrated from one OS to another OS easily and keeps the original performance. At present, OpenRTK® can support iPhone, iPad, Android, winCE and other popular Embedded OS .

As an OCR technology provider with 20-year history, ExperVision® dedicates itself to helping clients develop special OCR toolkit running on various OS to match each client’s own OCR applications for their business success. Based on OpenRTK® for Embedded and Mobile System from ExperVision® , clients can develop various OCR applications and get the following benefits:

High OCR Performances

ExperVision® ’s OpenRTK® provides outstanding accuracy and meets the needs of various OCR applications. At the same time, OpenRTK® is the world’s fastest commercial OCR system, 4-10 times faster than other products. It is an ideal OCR technology to be applied to embedded or mobile systems. It also has unparalleled stability, and can continuously recognize high volume of pages without crashing or suffering memory leaks.

Lowest Resource Consumption

In order to further reduce hardware resource consumption and improve OCR performance in an embedded environment, ExperVision® ’s R&D team provides OpenRTK® customization services to meet our customer’s specifications. You can choose from OpenRTK® functional modules for your mobile OCR needs and our R&D team will build a tailored OpenRTK® SDK with the lowest resource consumption.

OCR Consulting Service

In order to understand the client’s OCR application and help the client design solutions for their own business, ExperVision® provides OCR Consulting Services which are unavailable anywhere else in the global market. Our OCR Consultants will work together with you, discussing, organizing and determining the specific issues and solutions for your OCR applications. Through this process, we assure the client that the solution(s) achieve their business objectives at the most affordable price gaining a competitive edge in the global market.

ExperVision® ’s RTK was declared the champion in the UNLV OCR Performance Test for three consecutive years in 1992-1994, which was conducted by ISRI of UNLV (University of Nevada at Las Vegas) in early to mid 90s and financially supported by US DOE.


Published Multiple Platforms
In addition to OpenRTK® versions which were developed for special customers, following are the platforms OpenRTK® publicly supports:

  • various mobile OS platforms, such as Symbian, WinCE, iPhone, etc.
  • MS DOS and all older OS;
  • All Windows Platforms (From windows 3.0 to Vista);
  • Windows CE, Windows Mobile;
  • Symbian;
  • FreeBSD;
  • Linux, etc.

System Requirements

  • CPU: Common CPU, Intel, PowerPC, ARM …
  • Memory: Less than 1M RAM and 5M ROM.
  • The hardware requirement can be further reduced for special needs and configurations.

2600 Font Types
OpenRTK® first recognizes the font types and then loads the corresponding recognition trees for the characters in this or these identified fonts. In this way, OpenRTK® can recognize up to 2,600 font types with the limited resource available through Embedded Systems. The client can also choose to reduce the 2,600 to a smaller font set so to save secondary memory consumption.

OS Abstract Layer
OpenRTK® benefits from ExperVision® ’s superior OCR technology and its unique architecture. The bottom layer of the system architecture is the operating system Abstract Layer, which removes OCR Engine’s OS dependency and makes it very easy to port or migrate to various operating systems. This multi-platform technology or architecture was adopted in OpenRTK® and its previous versions as early as 1990, which gives us the unlimited possibilities of porting our champion OCR technology to various OS or hardware platforms, in fact more than any other vendor.

Port Services

OpenRTK® is OS-independent and ExperVision® offers development services to port OpenRTK® to any platforms and/or customize it for your special requirements.