OCR Service

OCR Consulting
With more than 20 years experience in the global software market, we can help our clients analyze their market and competition, position a line of products, design the function set for each product in the line, develop value pricing strategies and market their products to their customers. Our consulting service includes.Read More>>

OCR R&D Service
One of the most important partners of ExperVision in China is the Institute of Machine Intelligence (IMI) in Nankai University1, which is focused on R&D in various recognition technologies. Together with IMI, ExperVision provides R&D and Consulting Services to both OCR Application Vendors and End Users in the global market.Read More>>

Offshore R&D
ODC stands for Offshore Development Center, each “setup” provides long term R&D service for a particular customer. Since 1995, ExperVision has established many ODCs in China for our global customers. These ODCs have rich experience in managing overseas resources and providing stable benefits to the clients through a dedicated team of OCR software engineers who complement clients’ in-house staff remotely and act as required by the project or product requirements and business needs.Read More>>

BPO Service
ExperVision is a professional vendor with extensive experience. We have accumulated deep insight and service experience in 16 specific industries, including High-tech, Financial Service, Retailing, Governments, etc. Meanwhile, the most unique characteristic of ExperVision’s BPO service is combining the IT technology to its overseas resources therefore providing the clients not only a cost efficient operating service but also the availability to global resources to build a new value chain system and improve the competence advantages.Read More>>