OCR Consulting

With more than 20 years experience in the global software market, we can help our clients analyze their market and competition, position a line of products, design the function set for each product in the line, develop value pricing strategies and market their products to their customers. Our consulting service includes.

1.General OCR Technology Consultation

  • Imaging Processing Systems
  • OCR & 1D-2D Barcode
  • Pattern Recognition Systems
  • Paper Data Processing
  • Document Imaging Management
  • Form Recognition Systems
  • MIS & Office Automation
  • Manufacturing Automation

2.OpenRTK® Consultation

In addition, we focus more on Customization and Better Utilizing OpenRTK® for our customers’ particular products and unique businesses.

  • As an OCR SDK, ExperVision® ‘s OpenRTK® has continuously improved in its performance in every respect to meet widest requirements in the global market, e.g. Document Imaging Management Systems (DIM) and Form Recognition Systems (FMS).
  • Most customers may not want to allocate their engineering resources to becoming OpenRTK experts, yet need to integrate OpenRTK® into their products and/or enterprise systems. We provide OCR Consulting Services to these customers to maximize their ROI in the OCR technology.

3.Three Quick Steps to enjoy our consultation service:

  • Describe the problems you are facing and the conditions which may restrict the ability of your OCR application.
  • Classify your request into Expert Consulting, Market Research, Supplier, Vendor Research or Other.
  • Enter your contact information together with your Request.