Offshore OCR Research and Development Service

ODC stands for Offshore Development Center, each “setup” provides long term R&D service for a particular customer.

Since 1995, ExperVision has established many ODCs in China for our global customers. These ODCs have rich experience in managing overseas resources and providing stable benefits to the clients through a dedicated team of OCR software engineers who complement clients’ in-house staff remotely and act as required by the project or product requirements and business needs.

1. The ODC Business Model

The ODC is scalable, secure and flexible for the customer’s specific needs and unique business workflow.

  • The ODC communicates with the customer for the next project or the development of the next product.
  • The project is defined in terms of metrics, time frame, road map, environment and constraints. If the ODC does not have enough resources for this project, ExperVision may find additional resources from the company to expand the ability of the ODC.
  • The ODC starts its work after the plan is completed as described in step B and agreed by the two parties. The customer will then be responsible for the overall project plan and synchronize the actions of the ODC and the customer’s team as needed.
  • Each customized ODC in ExperVision has been very successful in the acceleration and implementation of the customer’s business plan.

2. Infrastructure Environment

  • Dedicated servers for application hosting and testing
  • VPN access provided for private PCs of key personnel, ensuring continuous workflow
  • Scalable Network Architecture and Systems
  • Regular Data and Program Backup
  • Well scheduled and implemented Backup & Restore for Disaster Managemen
  • 24/7/365 Protection Against any Power Failure

3. Customer Value

  • Compared with other OCR vendors or IT Consulting Service providers, ExperVision provides global customers with significantly higher ROI
  • Loyal and steady partnerships to complement the customer’s capabilities across the entire product lifecycle
  • Low-risk product delivery using ExperVision’s proven structured implementation methodologies and best practices
  • Reduced time-to-market for new releases of the product suite