OCR Server for Data Capture


“ExperVision® has one big advantage: SPEED. This corporate-level OCR application processes faster than any product of its type we’ve ever tested: It converted a scanned image of a 700-page book into an editable Word file in a startling 6 minutes! ExperVision® is worth considering for enterprise-level high-volume, high-speed OCR

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    1.Image Source

    • TypeReader Server can capture images from scan workstations, network scanners and multi-function machines, Watch Folder etc; we also help you to capture images from other sources, such as Email, Fax, FTP etc.
    • The Watch Folder function is convenient and agile. Once a new file enters the Watch Folder, TypeReader Server automatically starts processing tasks right away.

    2.Image Processing

    TypeReader Server reads Black/White, True-color (24-bit) and 256-level grayscale images in TIFF, JPEG, Bitmap, PCX, PDF images.

    When reading images, TypeReader Server can be configured to:

    • Auto straighten images skewed up to 15 degrees
    • Auto orientate improperly scanned images
    • Auto split two-page images scanned from books or magazines
    • Auto clean images by removing noise, useless lines, etc

    3.TypeReader® OCR Server Administrator

    • Work Flow Management. We can customize TypeReader® OCR Server’s workflow to match your business workflow and provide you with workflow configuration tools for you to adjust the system for your dynamic needs.
    • Job Management. You can determine and setup data source, monitor the processing tasks and define the destination document base to store the processed results. Recognition parameters, exporting formats, proofreading method, export category, etc. all are in your control.
    • User Management. TypeReader® Server can be customized to adapt to various application modes, multi-users and group-users of any size within enterprise sites.

    4. TypeReader® OCR Server Manager™

    • After workflow is setup in the OCR Server Administrator™ mode, TypeReader® OCR Server Manager™ will begin to respond automatically to any incoming tasks assigned by the users in your enterprise for your business process, or by the users in your customer group for your ASP or SaaS business.
    • OCR Server Manager™ continuously monitors data sources 24×7. When new images appear in input folder, OCR Server Manager™ will automatically start up one or more recognition processes and complete the tasks in real-time.
    • Detailed log file record for all program operations.
    • Queue management ability.
    • Service program will automatically restart and continue to run if the program is unconsciously closed.
    • Scanner Support: TypeReader Server works with ISIS-compatible and all TWAIN compatible scanners.

    5. Recognition

    • TypeReader® Server can recognize 16 main languages including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish, etc.
    • TypeReader® Server can recognize more than 2600 fonts.
    • For normal books, magazines, office paper etc, TypeReader Server can recognize with extremely high OCR accuracy over 99.9%.

    6. Format Conversion

    TypeReader® Server can export OCR results in the following document formats:

    • PDF Formats, e.g. Image only, Normal PDF, Image with Hidden Text – Searchable PDF
    • Rich Text Format
    • MS Word
    • MS Excel
    • ASCII (Comma Delimited or Tab Delimited)
    • WordPerfect
    • TypeReader Native Format, which allows you to do proofreading at any time TypeReader Text Only, which allows you to convert it to a format at a later timeHTML

    7. Application APIs

    We also provide APIs and development services to make it possible for you to integrate TypeReader® Server into your document management, financial management, ERP and other business management systems, to automate your business process.