OCR Server for Document Imaging


“ExperVision® has one big advantage: SPEED. This corporate-level OCR application processes faster than any product of its type we’ve ever tested: It converted a scanned image of a 700-page book into an editable Word file in a startling 6 minutes! ExperVision® is worth considering for enterprise-level high-volume, high-speed OCR

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The Footstone of DIM Application

Performance of DIM application heavily relies on the OCR SDK. OpenRTK®’s unique technology makes it possible to reach the fastest speeds, best reliability and first rate accuracy within one system, which is the reason that major DIM vendors have selected ExperVision’s OpenRTK®

DIM Application Service for ISVs and Developers

ExperVision®’s application oriented API design and 20 years R&D experience help our customers easily integrate OpenRTK™ into their products or enterprise DIM systems.


OpenRTK® provides Dynamic Link Library (DLL) or runtime format and Application Programming Interface (API), allowing the application program to call its functions and access its open data structure.

Over 200 APIs (Application Program Interfaces) and abundant analytical information of the processed document image have been designed and opened to the calling applications, which support:

  • Doc-Image Acquisition,
  • Image Pre-Processing,
  • Layout Analysis/Locating,
  • Char/Font Recognition,
  • Proofing Information,
  • Formatting & Export, and
  • Internal Data Opening

OpenRTK® Application Consultancy

With more than 20 years experience in the global software market, our consulting team can help our clients analyze their market and competition, position a line of products, design the function set for each product in the line, develop value pricing strategies and market their products to their customers.

ODC Service

ODC stands for Offshore Development Center, each “setup” provides long term R&D service for a particular customer.

Since 1995, ExperVision® has established many ODCs in China for our global customers. These ODCs have rich experience in managing overseas resources and providing stable benefits to the customers through a dedicated team of OCR software engineers who complement customers’ in-house staff remotely and act as required by the project or product requirements and business needs.

DIM Solutions for Corporation User

ExperVision® is also an IT Consulting service provider in the DIM application field. We customize DIM solutions to meet customers’ requirements in many industries, e.g. litigation support, medical treatment, banking, insurance, securities, publication, government agents, public sector, etc.

DIM Solution for Legal Firm

A legal firm needs to exchange information with clients in the form of paperwork. In addition, they have to manage paper documents from third-party organizations such as Courts, Arbitrators, Government Business Administrations, Tax Departments, opposing lawyers, independent experts, witnesses and their lawyers, etc.

In order to serve the clients effectively and efficiently, a legal firm needs a Document Imaging Management (DIM) system to allow the paperwork to be shared across the whole firm, to support collaboration among the lawyers and paralegals and to give convenience to the clients and third parties.

ExperVision®’s DIM Solution for Legal Firms provides complete functions to streamline paper document processing in legal firms, allowing the lawyers and paralegals to collaborate their work in case/matter management and other legal services.

DIM Solution for Mortgage Bankers

Mortgage business produces large volumes of paper documents and mortgage files, which are legal in nature and need to be processed, kept and managed in the whole life cycle of a mortgage loan. Many users, both inside and outside of the company, need collaboration on these documents. An ideal DIM system should support all of these requirements in an easy to use manner.

ExperVision®’s DIM solution is a web-based business platform to support loan processing, including loan origination, application and approval, closing and second closing, even servicing. The IT functions of the DIM system includes high-speed image scanning, document recognition, classification, storing, retrieving, mortgage loan package generation and other image operations. The system supports advanced collaboration functions among Brokers, Loan Officers, Loan Processors, Underwriter, Closer, Second Closer, etc.

DIM Solution for Insurance Agents

In its daily business an insurance agent must process large volumes of paper documents, application files, and other related files sent from third parties like Intellisys, iPipeline, etc. The insurance agent needs a document-imaging platform to manage these paper documents and files in formats compatible with related third parties, for effective and reliable insurance document processing.

ExperVision®’s web-based Document Imaging Management (DIM) system provides:

  • High-speed scanning to convert insurance documents into electronic forms,
  • Barcode processing and document recognition to categorize and group the documents by cases,
  • Document database to allow information sharing among the entire enterprise,
  • Imaging operation functions for the staff to search, view, make annotations, print and save the documents in various formats and groups,
  • Document archiving and packaging for electronic delivery among related parties.

The DIM system supports insurance processing for sales, case processing, collection management, post processing and other collaborative operations in an insurance company.

DIM Solution for Hospitals

It has been a major headache for medical facilities to use paper-based medical records:

  • When patient charts are maintained in a paper format there are often complaints of misplaced files causing patients to have to spend a great deal of time, talking to different people and different departments to rectify the issues.
  • Physicians and nurses spend too much time writing patient charts, and a diagnosis can be overlooked in paper record.
  • While being transferred to a new hospital or a clinic, a copy of the patient record either needs to be sent along in paper form or recollected when the patient arrives. Even worse, patient charts can often get lost.
  • Lab results in the form of  a paper chart can take up to a couple of weeks to get filed and doctors do not have immediate access to all of the information they may need. Further adding to the troubles, nurses and medical assistants often create their own “ghost charts” so they can have a back up in case of a patient record mishap.
  • Paper records are expensive to create, store and maintain.

Although the US government has been making significant efforts to encourage Electronic MR (EMR) to resolve these headaches, only 5 percent of medical facilities are using such a technology due to the fact that it has been so difficult to build a system right for each unique clinics’ business.

ExperVision®’s Medical Info-System streamlines patient information management and enables physician groups to improve patient care, enhance productivity, eliminate paperwork and help the business gain rapid ROI. The system provides a browser-based, easy-to-use, extremely intuitive access to medical practice data, including patient appointment information, demographic information, laboratory reports, transcribed documents, radiology reports and health summary. Worklists and Clinical Messaging are also included to help streamline communications between the clinicians and the supporting staff.