TypeReader Server


“ExperVision® has one big advantage: SPEED. This corporate-level OCR application processes faster than any product of its type we’ve ever tested: It converted a scanned image of a 700-page book into an editable Word file in a startling 6 minutes! ExperVision® is worth considering for enterprise-level high-volume, high-speed OCR

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TypeReader® Server is ExperVision’s OCR Server Solution which can be customized to meet every Enterprise Client’s business needs. TypeReader® Server is based on our Champion OCR technology, enhanced by our R&D Service and orientated to customer value through our OpenRTK® Application Consultancy Service, which helps enterprise clients to effectively and efficiently complete Document Management & Form Processing tasks in their businesses.

Most Effective and Efficient OCR Server

ExperVision® has owned and developed the world’s best OCR technology for over 20 years. It is still maintains its competitive edge as quoted from the most recent PC Magazine review.

Champion OCR Technology

ExperVision® ’s OpenRTK® was declared the champion in UNLV’s (University of Nevada at Las Vegas) OCR Performance Test for three consecutive years in 1992-1994, when the OCR field was growing into full maturity in the early to mid 90s. The Test was conducted by ISRI of UNLV with financial support from by DOE of the US Federal Government.

“Overall, ExperVision Recognition Toolkit (the OCR engine of ExperVision) performed the best in this year’s test (among OmniPage, …and other OCR software). It demonstrated consistently highaccuracy. It performs especially well on proportional pitch text, and is least affected by low resolution (200 dpi). It also provides an excellent automatic zoning capability. “

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Adapt to Enterprise Clients’ Business Process

In order to gain competitive advantages, every company develops its unique business strategy and adopts an operation model different from all the competition. However, many companies ran into trouble when choosing their operation software because the software products in the market cannot solve the special and unique problems each enterprise client is facing. The companies have to give up special requirements and change their operation models in order to adapt to the software products available in the market.

ExperVision® ’s clients never have to give up their unique business strategy and operation model nor compromise for any software products in the market. Different from software product vendors, ExperVision® ’s philosophy is that the "software system must be developed for and effectively support the client’s unique business strategy and operation model", because in the end, software has to be built around the client’s business value, NOT ANYTHING ELSE!

Therefore, TypeReader® Server has been designed as a basic frame for OCR & ECM Solutions, based on which our IT Consultancy and R&D Services will help the client complete their own business application system, execute their business unique strategy, and realize their special operation model centered around their business value.

In our OpenRTK® Application Consultancy Service, we conduct an in-depth study into the client’s market environment and operation strategy, analyze business process, and select the most suitable technology and R&D services to help them achieve the desired business objectives.

OpenRTK® Enterprise Application Consultancy

With more than 20 years experience in the global OCR & ECM market, we can help our clients analyze their business & workflow problems and design a custom tailored OCR & ECM Application. Our consulting service Workflow is as follows:

  • Business Problem Identification
  • OCR & ECM Requirement Analysis
  • OCR & ECM Proposal
  • System & Detailed Design
  • OCR & ECM Application Customization & Developmen
  • OCR & ECM Application Deployment
  • OCR & ECM Application Maintenance Service

R&D Service

One of the most important partners of ExperVision in China is the Institute of Machine Intelligence (IMI) in Nankai University , which is focused on R&D in various recognition technologies. Together with IMI, ExperVision provides R&D and Consulting Services to both OCR Application Vendors and End Users in the global market.

ExperVision® Consultants and R&D Team

ExperVision® currently has more than 20 OCR & ECM consultants and about 50 OCR & ECM Application Engineers, who have an average of 6 years’ experience, with knowledge in more than a dozen industrial areas, such as high-tech, legal industry, medical service and insurance, financial services, retail, education, government departments and others. They provide clients with OCR and ECM (Enterprise Content Management) application software consulting services, including Industry research, Customer business problem research, IT requirements analysis, Architecture design and Solution proposals.