About Us

Company Background

ExperVision is a technology leader in the global optical character recognition (OCR) market for universal languages. Our system provides an efficient alternative to manual keyboarding. We are committed to providing OCR as an integral part of the most powerful document imaging and management solutions, to help our clients achieve maximum productivity.

Our Unique Technology

We employ a proprietary character recognition system called Machine Learned Fragment Analysis (MLFA), which is significantly faster and more accurate than other existing OCR technologies. As a result, we have won the highest marks in the independent testing performed by UNLV for the consecutive years that ExperVision participated, an unprecedented honor in the OCR industry.

Corporate Headquarters

46751 Fremont Blvd.
Fremont, CA 94538
Tel: 510-623-7071
Free: 1-800-732-3897
E-mail: OCR_Consulting_Team@ExperVision.com

OCR Consulting Service

Telephone: 1-800-732-3897; 510-623-7071
Email: OCR_Consulting_Team@ExperVision.com

OCR Technical Support

Telephone: 1-800-732-3897; 510-623-7071
Email: Technical_Support@ExperVision.com