OCR Software for Engineering Drawing Recognition and Processing

Engineering Drawing Callouts Image Pre-Processing

Engineering images with callout requirements require special pre-processing requirements, such as:

  • Auto feature point extraction: analyze and extract the feature points.
  • Auto image quality enhancement: increase dpi or other means.
  • Auto noise removal: clean the image by removing noises.

Engineering Drawing Callouts OCR SDK Tuning

ExperVision delivers a unique OCR SDK dedicated to recognition of Callouts and coordinate capturing in Engineering Assembly Drawings.

Engineering Drawing Callouts Post-Processing & Proofing Tool

To achieve the best Engineering Callouts Recognition accuracy, ExperVision added a dedicated post processing module. It can define the figure field formats so that any potential errors can be corrected by post processing. ExperVision provides unique technologies and services to ensure high accuracy for callout location and recognition. However, OCR technology will not always provide 100% accuracy and the engine will return suspected or incorrect results because the real world is uncertain. ExperVision delivers a customized OCR enabled tool allowing users to easily to recognize, proof and log all images with a high efficient and accurate data processing tool.