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Use Free WebOCR & Online OCR NowUse Free WebOCR & Online OCR Now


“ExperVision® has one big advantage: SPEED. This corporate-level OCR application processes faster than any product of its type we’ve ever tested: It converted a scanned image of a 700-page book into an editable Word file in a startling 6 minutes! ExperVision® is worth considering for enterprise-level high-volume, high-speed OCR

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Free WebOCR & OnlineOCR

In 1999, Expervision released WebOCR (Online OCR) 1.0, providing her users with flexible and easy modes of OCR application. WebOCR (OnlineOCR) 2.0 updated later is able to provide 4 kinds of Web OCR (Online OCR) application modes based on different business environment and processing requirements of her users.

In case your processing quantity is not great enough and you have no special processing requirements, or you wish to experience our OCR performance immediately, we suggest that you use WebOCR (OnlineOCR).

You just upload the documents to be processed and set several simple selected items in a fast manner, and then you can get the processed results immediately. What is more important is that the current application is free of charge.

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Use Free WebOCR & Online OCR NowUse Free WebOCR & Online OCR Now

Other WebOCR & OnlineOCR Applications

With IT technology development, the platform for people to use software has been changed from single PC platform to multi-platforms such as PC +Web-based+ Cloud Computing + Mobile equipments.

After 30 years development, OCR software started to adapt to new application requirements. During the second half of 1990s, Expervision as one of the prominent OCR software providers noticed the developing trend of OCR application mode and first started to study and develop a new generation of OCR application software with Web and mobile equipments as platform.

Client + Server WebOCR (OnlineOCR)

If you need pre-processing to set the tool of WebOCR, or post processing testing tool, or to make applications for your enterprises (For instance: batch processing, real time and automatic processing and etc.), you might use our Client + Server WebOCR (OnlineOCR).

With Client + Server WebOCR (OnlineOCR), you can obtain the software functions of our Desktop OCR software (Typereader 7) , Server OCR software and Enterprise-level OCR software, and in addition you can decrease the cost for all soft and hardware’s investment by means of OCR engine based on cloud computing technology, thus increasing processing efficiency.

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Mobile OCR SDK

In case you need OCR application based on Mobile platform, you may use our Mobile OCR SDK, or OCR SDK – OpenRTK® based on cloud computing technology.

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WebOCR (OnlineOCR) – APIs

If you hope to use our WebOCR functions in your application systems or software products, you might use OCR SDK – OpenRTK® based on cloud computing technology.

OpenRTK® provides several hundreds of APIs, including: Doc-Image Acquisition; Image Pre-Processing; Layout Analysis/Locating; Char/Font Recognition;Proofing; Formatting & Export; Internal Data Opening & RTK Object Model and etc.

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OCR Services

Furthermore, for users who require form processing, special document processing or integration with other managing systems, as well as those who have special requirements, we are able to provide application consulting services based on WebOCR (OnlineOCR) technology.

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